Here is some feedback from the many people that Sobriety Center has touched.
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You all do great work there. Sue your a star.

Jackie Douglas, London, England.


This is Jackie from London, England. I think you all do brillant work. Sue is a real star to.



Good day Sue and everyone

Actually you do great job you and your team keep up and good luck




This is for everyone working at the center.

I want to thank everyone for giving me an oppertunity to a new life. Especially Mr. Benoit who gave me an oppertunity to work with him and the organization. Continue doin well and thank you for everything.

P.S. Im doin extremely well in Calgary and you can count on seeing a big donation coming your way to help the center but on a later date. I hope to see you guys in the future. The donation will be approximatly $1000-$2000. Anyways thank you and have a nice day.

Sincerely Clayton Richard


It took me while ,but I finally found some time to sit a while and look through your site. I am so happy that I did, I have a family member who is about to hit his "rock bottom" and when he is ready ,I know where I will be sending him...this site. Blessings to you all.

Blair W., Ancaster,ON.


Dear: Mr Benoit,and everyone at the Sobriety center

Thank you for taking your time with me and helping me on my way and giving me the chance to grow and a great qoal oppantiny I love all you guys at the Center and the warm friendships each one of you guys give me.

I cant wait to grow with you guys and if you guys didnt walk in to my life when you did i would know where i would be right now I Love each and everyone of you You guys are my family and sent by god to help me learn and grow to be a good person and out standing leader in the commuty

once again i would like to thank you

yours truly darcelle C

Kitchener Ont

p.s God bless you and your families for your outstanding work in the commutiey we need more people like you out here in the world


Hello I wish to thank the center for all the right advice the counsellors have given me. I am 22 and becoming a social worker.


yours respectively,



Hey there...

It is nice to see that you guys are still around. I see Mr. Benoit is still around also, he has helped me through some of the most trying times of my life. I am still clean and sober 6 years later and that is thanks to the solid ground that the Sobriety Center sets you up on. I love the pictures, the links and especially the paypal setup. It gives people like me who no longer live in your area a way to help out, a way of thanking you and helping you to continue helping others the same way you helped me. My donation is on the way via PayPal... thanks and good luck. God bless you all, Sammy N.


Hey,I would like to say thanks to the Sobriety Center for helping me with the loss of my brother,you guys helped me realize even though he was brutily murdered by a michety, he will still live in my heart, so you guys helped me put it behind me to succeed in life.I'm doing good now and I would just like to say rest in peace Jay Dube and say thanks to everyone at the Sobriety Center and a big thanks to Mary Cunningham and Mr.Benoit, the youth counsellor's of Sobrity Center.So again ,thank you and I wish you guys the best of luck with getting the Sobriety Center all around Ontario to help out more kids who felt like me.

Sincerely:Jeff Dube


I was a man with no direction and confusion in my life about 9 years ago.

I had lost all my lively-hood and I was broke and I ended on the street park bench.

When no one wanted me or helped me, a man entered my life, his name was Mr. Benoit. He was a like a angel he approached me and said "I know you".

I said know you don't. He said yes I do. At this time he opened me up to his home residence where I met his beautiful wife.

Regardless of how I felt at the time he has given me a new sense of direction and a new outlook on life. I felt wanted and needed again. He asked me how would you like to do the work of a counselor. I said what do I need. He said Time and write Adult exam for a counselor.

Now I can say Thank you Mr. Benoit for guiding my major change in my life and I will follow in your footsteps for helping other people.